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How Dehydrated Oat Milk Powder Can Help You Save Money

When you’re watching your budget, every purchase can feel like a brain-hurting decision to find the best bargain and save yourself some money. Especially with the cost-of-living crisis it can hurt to see a half-full carton of milk get thrown away, because who can afford to do that? Ourselves, and the planet, definitely can’t. 

Oat milk next to bowl of oats

Overherd is an affordable alternative to pre-made, hydrated plant milk - which can cost you an arm and a leg, especially compared to its dairy counterparts. The plant-based food industry has a long way to go in terms of affordability, which is why we are making steps toward it becoming a more achievable and practical diet.

Oat milk powder boasts a much longer shelf life compared to traditional plant milks which means you don’t end up having to chuck away products you’ve spent your hard-earned money on. Oat milk powder reduces food waste and does your wallet a favour too in the process. It doesn't matter how much powder you have left over - it’ll be sitting on your shelf and waiting until you next need it. Who wants off milk anyway? 

For a budgeting person with a watchful eye over the environment, our oat milk powder allows you to portion out your milk to your preferences. Only use it for a cup of tea every now and then? A small spoonful will do the trick.You don't have to worry about wasting money on a product that will inevitably go off, because it can be catered to your exact needs.

Dehydrated goods can also be cheaper than hydrated products, which are much heavier and take more packaging, all of which ups the cost of your weekly shop. Fellow eco-friendly cleaning company Smol has the same great idea - providing a reusable bottle and dehydrated product to cut out the middleman and save us some money on shipping and packaging. Similarly The Powder Shampoo also offers a 0% water, completely vegan formula which is great for us, and the environment. And as for us, Overherd is actually 10 times lighter than other cartons of plant milk. Why pay for the costs of water when you can make it yourself at home? 

Save money on your food and join the dehydrated product movement. PS… we’re a great start! Not only will dehydrated oat milk do your wallet a favour, it also helps the plant, check out why.

Written By: Hannah Barrett

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