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Tried-and-Tested Budget Veganism for Students

Contributed by: Hannah Barrett

With the cost-of-living crisis stretching our money to its limit, it can be difficult to keep up with the purchase of fresh food and plant milk. The average shelf-life of plant-based milk is only 7-10 days, and it’s a bummer to see any go to waste if you don’t happen to use it on time.

Fear not! I’ll be showing how you can use Overherd (and some frozen or canned goods) to make delicious, minimal-waste meals that won't break the bank. Especially if you are living by yourself, or the only person in your household that has a plant-based diet, Overherd and non-perishable goods are an essential to your kitchen.

Chia pudding made with oat milk powder


This one’s so simple, so diverse and SO delicious. Chia is an excellent source of complete protein and is usually enjoyed for breakfast to keep you fuelled until the next meal.

You need chia seeds, Overherd Oat Milk Powder, a pot and some water. That’s it!

Typically people use 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and 75ml of milk, but you can change up this ratio depending on if you want your pudding to be thinner or thicker. For this, you'll need only 7.5g of Overherd powder. Obviously, this is just a small dent in your pouch. To make measuring a little easier, make ten batches! They can be frozen for weeks, and are easy to get out, defrost and eat on a rushed morning.

Popular flavourings for chia pudding are cocoa powder, banana and mixed berries but really, the world is your oyster. Chia has a very subtle earthy flavour and will blend well with almost anything.

Happy prepping!


In transitioning from veggie to vegan, I thought this would be a delicacy I could never taste - or replicate - again. I was so wrong. The great thing about Oat Milk Powder is that you can change the quantity of water to thicken up the texture, which is perfect for this dish. Here’s how to make two servings (or one if you're hungry):

Grab a saucepan and fry up 200g mushrooms in some olive oil. Whilst they’re cooking, mix 15g of Oat Milk Powder with 100ml of water to make a thicker, creamier mixture and stir it in. Season with salt, pepper and anything else you desire! Toast your bread and pop in some frozen spinach - it’ll defrost, wilt beautifully and add some more moisture to the delicious combo.

Serve on a slice of toast and enjoy! As someone who isn't exactly a food connoisseur, I shocked myself to find out I can make this, so you definitely can too.


The epitome of a quick meal is microwavable rice, and I am all over it. VeeTee rice is amazing with a load of different flavours and a recyclable pot, but sadly the film on the top cannot be recycled at the moment. If you want even less waste, cook your rice from scratch.

For the dhal, you’ll need a tin of chickpeas and absolutely any tinned vegetables that your heart desires - it’ll work, trust me! Prep curry sauce according to packet instructions, and sprinkle a little Overherd Milk Powder in there for an extra creamy boost. If you want the flavours to be even more elevated, add cumin, turmeric and coriander for a kick! Delicious and you’ll be getting in complete protein through the chickpeas and rice.

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