Oat milk is 90% water..! whaaaat.

Did you know oat milk is 90% water? All that water isn't light, so we thought there had to be a better way...

The Solution

If oat milk is 90% water, then why not add the water at home instead? It would reduce packaging, cut food waste, and lower the carbon footprint. Oh wait, those are the things that made us go "arghh!". What a coincidence...

After this somewhat epiphany, we tightened our apron and got to work developing a delicious, healthy and sustainable oat milk powder. Months went by, seasons changed, you get the message... But eventually we got there and Overherd was born.

We are a small planet-loving team, lucky enough to be based in the surrounding countryside of North Yorkshire & our oat milk powder is lovingly made in the UK by our manufacturing partner. If you've got anything to say, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line, or chuck us a DM if that's your style.

We are guided by a few basic principles...

  • Planet first.

    We want to make milk greener (not literally), from production to supply chain, blah blah blah. Learn more here, or don't.

  • Simple ingredients.

    We like keeping things simple & aren't fans of ingredient lists which could be mistaken for an A-Z Latin dictionary.

  • Cause a stir.

    We want to shake up the status quo, and make other brands re-evaluate product lifecycles. Dehydrating is just one example.