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Powdered oat milk

Oat Milk Powder.
Just Add Water.

Reducing packaging, CO₂ emissions and food waste one pouch at a time.

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Oat milk is 90% water, so we focus on the 10% that isn't. You add the water and it reduces...

  • Powdered oat milk packaging vs. carton milk

    Packaging Waste

    Each recyclable pouch makes 8 cartons worth of oat milk. That's 91% less packaging weight!

  • Powdered oat milk footprint vs. carton milk

    Carbon Footprint

    We sacked the water, which makes it 10x lighter. That's fewer lorries and emissions.

  • Powdered oat milk food waste vs. carton milk

    Food Waste

    Only make what you need, when you need it. Say bye to off milk & hello to savings £££!

Save fridge space | Save money | Reduce packaging | Reduce footprint | Seriously creamy | I'm getting dizzy

Easy like a Sunday morning...

  • Powdered oat milk mixing with water

    Add to water, shake & enjoy. Instant milk at your fingertips.

  • Powdered oat milk straight into coffee

    ...Or add straight to hot drinks & stir. The perfect vegan creamer.


Packed with good stuff...

  • Calcium

    120mg of calcium in every serving for healthy bones & teeth. Dairy moo've aside.

  • Dietary Fibre

    Chicory root provides the prebiotic fibre to keep digestion running smoothly.

  • Beta Glucans

    Naturally occuring in oats, beta glucans are great for heart health and cholestrol.

The slickest merch in the biz...

  • Overherd oat milk powder bundle
    Oat Milk Powder | Starter Set

    Oat Milk Powder | Starter Set

    Regular price £16.99
  • Oat milk bottle on green background
    Oat Milk Bottle

    Oat Milk Bottle

    Regular price £6.99
  • Oat milk cap front
    Oat Milk Cap

    Oat Milk Cap

    Regular price £9.99
  • Overherd oat milk tote bag front view
    Oat Milk Tote

    Oat Milk Tote

    Regular price £9.99
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