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Dairy free milk powder vs. different milks climate impact

🥛Plant milk is pretty sustainable, but you can do better...

Don't get us wrong, plant milk is already a whole lot more sustainable than dairy, and oat is amongst the best. In fact for each litre of oat milk you chug, it saves 💧 580 litres of water & ☁️ 2.3kg of CO₂. Now that really adds up over a lifetime.

Oat milk is 90% water, so we focus on the 10% that isn't. You add the water and it reduces...

  • Dairy free milk powder vs. carton milk packaging

    Packaging Waste

    Each recyclable pouch makes 8 cartons worth of oat milk. That's a 91% reduction in packaging weight!

  • Dairy free milk powder vs. carton milk carbon footprint

    Carbon Footprint

    We sacked the water, which makes things 10x lighter. That equals fewer lorries and CO₂ savings.

  • Dairy free milk powder vs. carton milk food waste

    Food Waste

    You add the water, so you only make what you need. Say bye to out of date milk. Bye bye!

🧃 The problem with cartons...

The 1st problem with milk cartons is that they're bulky & heavy which requires more materials and energy to produce.

🧅 The 2nd problem is that, like onions (and ogres...) they're made of multiple layers of materials including plastic, aluminium and cardboard. This makes them really difficult to recycle, in fact last year only 29.5% of cartons in the UK actually ended up being recycled! 🤯

📦 Our packaging

  • 🔬 Our research

    🔎 We searched far and wide for sustainable options. We wanted something lightweight and easy to recycle whilst also offering protection to the oat milk powder (to avoid food waste 🗑️). We found that paper packaging didn't sufficiently protect from moisture and whilst biodegradeable packaging looks great on the surface, the reality is that it can actually cause more damage to the planet if not properly disposed of (requires a compost heap).

  • Our decision

    We opted for a super lightweight 100% recyclable pouch which takes the place of 8 regular cartons. This represents a 91% reduction ⬇️ in packaging weight, offers great moisture protection (preventing food waste), and importantly is only made from one material so is much easier to recycle. The pouch is digitally printed using carbon neutral methods and been verified by Recycle Now ♻️ please see our information about how to recycle your pouch.

  • The future

    Of course, we are always looking at ways we can be more sustainable and this includes packaging. In the future we hope to offer the choice of compostable pouches, so that those with access to a compost heap can dispose of the packaging this way. We also now offer Overherd in a small number of zero waste stores eliminating packaging altogether! ❌ If there's a packaging type you think we should consider drop us an email team@overherd.uk.

Simple ingredients...

  • Dairy free milk powder ingredients represented by oat grains


    Our champion ingredient, the mighty oat. Which in this case is organic & sustainably grown. Oats are a low input crop compared to other plant milk varieties (not mentioning any names).

  • Dairy free milk powder ingredients represented by split coconut


    Our MCT powder comes from coconut oil. Every part of the plant gets used, the husk for biofuel, the milk is drunk, the flesh is consumed and some of the shells are used to make Hawaiian bikinis...

  • Dairy free milk powder ingredients represented by chicory root

    Chicory Root

    Our chicory root comes from Belgium, and is grown using certified sustainable agricultural practises. It's non-GMO (like all our ingredients), and is a seriously good source of prebiotic fibre.

Causing a stir...

We want to cause a bit of a stir, and make other brands evaluate how products reach consumers. Dehydration is just one example. If there's something you think we could improve or make more sustainable, please let us know!

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