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Herd press

  • Low calories oat milk on a table next to a jar of oats

    Low Calorie Oat Milk | Brands Ranked High to Low

    What are calories? Calories are more than just numbers on the back of an oat milk carton; they are the vital energy source that fuels our bodies.  We’ll explore how the calories in oat milk differs between varieties, helping you make the best...

  • Oat milk without gums

    Oat Milk Without Gums

    What are gums? Gums (also known as hydrocolloids) are a common food additive which comes from sources such as plants, seaweed, and even bacteria.  They are classed as carbohydrates and used to improve certain features of food and drinks. Why does oat milk contain...

  • Bottle of oat milk next to a bowl of oats

    Does Oat Milk Contain Phytic Acid?

    What is phytic acid? Phytic acid, also known as phytate, serves as a natural storage compound of phosphorus in plants. It's commonly found in various grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Phytic acid plays a vital role in plant growth and...

  • Tractor spraying oat crops with glyphosate

    Glyphosate Free Oat Milk

    What is glyphosate?  Glyphosate is a synthetic herbicide widely used in agriculture around the world. It is a non-selective herbicide, meaning it is designed to kill most plants it comes into contact with. Does oat milk contain glyphosate? Oats crops are often treated...

  • Are Oat Milk Cartons Recyclable?

    Are Oat Milk Cartons Recyclable?

    Why should you care? In the UK alone, 748 cartons are discarded every 10 seconds. That's over 2 billion a year! The vast majority of these are produced by Swiss conglomerate Tetra Pak. Whilst Tetra Pak cartons protect oat milk...

  • fibre filled oats on a table next to oat milk

    Does Oat Milk Contain Fibre?

    What is fibre? Fibre is an essential nutrient found primarily in plant-based foods. It plays a crucial role in maintaining digestive health by promoting a healthy gut microbiome. Fibre also helps to regulate blood sugar, supports heart health by reducing...