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Oat milk is 90% water... whaaaat!! 💧

🥛 We LOVE oat milk, it's versatile, pretty damn sustainable, and frankly delish.

But did you know that store bought oat milk is mostly water?? Well... 90% water to be precise.

It seemed absolutely crazy to us that all this water (which ain't light btw 🏋️‍♀️) was being transported all around the world when we are lucky enough to have abundant clean water sources at home! 🚿

💭 There had to be a better way...

Things about oat milk that made us go "arghh!!"

  • Dairy free powdered milk packaging waste vs. carton oat milk

    Packaging Waste

    We got tired of throwing away endless milk cartons. Almost 120 per year to be precise.

  • Dairy free powdered milk vs. carton oat milk food waste

    Food Waste

    Who likes off milk? Because that's what you are getting if you don't drink it fast enough.

  • Dairy free powdered milk vs. carton oat milk carbon footprint

    Carbon Footprint

    Shifting all that heavy oat milk (90% water) from factory to home creates needless CO₂

The Solution 👨‍🔬

If oat milk is 90% water, then why not add the water at home instead? 🏠 It would reduce packaging, cut food waste, and lower the carbon footprint. Oh wait, those are the things that made us go "arghh!". What a coincidence...

We decided to concentrate on the... well... concentrate! 😂 We tightened our aprons and got to work developing a delicious, healthy and sustainable oat milk powder. Months went by, seasons changed, you get the message... But eventually we got there and Overherd was born in January 2023.

🌍 We are a small planet-loving team, lucky enough to be based in the surrounding countryside of North Yorkshire & our oat milk powder is lovingly made in the UK by our manufacturing partner. If you've got anything to say, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line, or chuck us a DM if that's your style.

We are guided by a few basic principles...

  • Planet first.

    We want to make milk greener (not literally), from production to supply chain, blah blah blah. Learn more here, or don't.

  • Simple ingredients.

    We like keeping things simple & aren't fans of ingredient lists which could be mistaken for an A-Z Latin dictionary.

  • Cause a stir.

    We want to shake up the status quo, and make other brands re-evaluate product lifecycles. Dehydrating is just one example.

Progress So Far ⌚

Thanks to our AMAZING customers, we've already saved 20,000 cartons from waste and we're just getting started! 💖

Save fridge space | Say bye to off milk | Reduce carbon footprint | Reduce packaging | I'm getting dizzy