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Overherd | Starter Set

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EVERYTHING you'll need to start making delicious & instant oat milk. The bundle contains 1 x 8 litre pouch of Overherd oat milk powder (800g), a swanky 600ml glass bottle for stylish shakin' & a recycled bamboo fibre scoop for portioning.

Overherd is creamy, gluten free and made with organic oats. Just add water or stir into hot drinks as an instant vegan creamer. Magical right?

💧 Oat milk is 90% water! So, we decided to concentrate on the... CONCENTRATE (the good stuff).

🤑 Use exactly what you need, when you need it, which equals less waste & more savings! 

👋 Oh & wave BYE to off milk, because Overherd is shelf-stable with ZERO preservatives.

Money back guarantee!
5,000+ happy customers.

Tell Me More...

🤔 WHY? It wouldn't make sense to buy pre-diluted blackcurrant squash would it? It would be extremely heavy & use a tonne of packaging.

🥛 AND? We think the same applies to oat milk (given it's 90% water). So we sacked the water, which reduces packagingCO₂ & food waste!

🌍 Perfect for sustainable heroes, everyday use, camping, travel & haters of waste.

❌ FREE FROM: seed oils, nuts, flavourings, gums, sweeteners, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, soy, added sugar or salt.

♻️ Each 800g recyclable pouch makes 8 litres of delish oat milk!

What can I use it for?

All the things you usually use milk for...

✅ Great for: hot drinks, smoothies, protein shakes, cereal, porridge, baking, cooking, soups, sauces & lots more!

😋 It even steams froths wonderfully for the baristas asking...

🫖 Oh & YES! it can be stirred straight into hot drinks as a creamer. It mixes better than gin & tonic on a hot day!

What's the point in it?

DON'T get us started!

Our oat milk powder is 10X lighter than regular milks, which means:

  • ♻️ 90% less packaging vs. regular cartons.
  • ☁️ 10X fewer lorries needed to move oats from farm to glass.
  • ❌ No broken arms from carrying home endless cartons.

It's also naturally shelf stable with zero preservatives which means:

  • 😍 It uses NO fridge space.
  • 👋 It won't go off = less food waste & more savings for you.
  • 🏕️ It's ideal for camping, travel & festivals.

And while we're on the topic of food waste...

  • 🥛 You only make exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • 🗑️ NO MORE throwing away half used cartons!

We could go on forever but you're probably bored of oat milk powder by now...


Made in the UK using ORGANIC & gluten free oats!

🌱 Overherd oat milk powder is 100% plant based & free from nasties...

💪 Added calcium & Vitamin B12 for bone health!

❌ Absolutely NO: flavourings, preservatives, nuts, gluten, gums, soy, GMO, sweeteners, added sugar or salt.

Nutritional info / 100ml
Calories: 44kcal, Fats: 1.7g, Of which saturates: 1.5g, Carbohydrates: 6.3g, Sugars: 1.4g, Protein: 0.5g, Fibre: 1.5g, Salt: 0.02g, Calcium: 61mg, Vitamin B12: 0.2µg.

Ingredients: organic gluten free oats (68%), coconut MCT powder, chicory root fibre, calcium carbonate, vitamin B12.

Overherd also has some additional health benefits...

🌺 Chicory root provides a source of prebiotic fibre.
🧠 Healthy MCT fats promote brain health & keep you feeling full.
🌾 Naturally contains antioxidants & beta glucans from oats.

Oat milk is 90% water, so we focus on the 10% that isn't. You add the water and it reduces...

  • Oat milk powder packaging vs. carton milk

    Packaging Waste

    Each recyclable pouch makes 8 cartons worth of oat milk. That's 91% less packaging weight!

  • Oat milk powder footprint vs. carton milk

    Carbon Footprint

    We sacked the water, which makes things 10x lighter. That's fewer lorries and emissions.

  • Oat milk powder waste vs. carton milk

    Food Waste

    Only make what you need, when you need it. Say bye to off milk & hello to savings £££!

Easy like a Sunday morning...

  • Oat milk powder mixing with water

    Add to water, shake & enjoy. Instant milk at your fingertips.

  • Oat milk powder being stirred into coffee

    ...Or add straight to hot drinks & stir. The perfect vegan creamer.

Gluten free | Organic oats | Prevent food waste | Save money | Free bottle for subscribers | Simple ingredients

YEPPP… we use 100% gluten free oats. The lovely farmers grow them in separate fields so you can be sure!

Yes! Just add a teaspoon or two into your hot drink and stir. You'll be amazed how easy it dissolves.

Yes! Whilst it's not designed as a barista oat milk, it does froth well, and steams wonderfully.

It's really up to you. It's great for everyday use (in all the ways you usually use milk). It can also be stirred straight into hot drinks as a creamer, or added directly to sauces, smoothies etc.

Some people use it specifically for camping, backpacking or travelling abroad.

We opted for a lightweight recyclable plastic pouch. After much consideration, we believe this to be the most sustainable option currently available – feel free to check out why we think so here.
We are always open to new ideas, so chuck us a message if you disagree.

A good shake by hand does the job and creates a nice smooth silky milk.

100% plant based goodness...

  • Vegan

  • Gluten free

  • Low sugar

  • Low salt

Simple ingredients...

  • Oats

    Organic as well... We could write a novel about them.

  • Coconut

    Provides the creaminess and healthy fats.

  • Chicory

    Provides smoothness and prebiotic fibre.

  • Nutrients

    Added calcium and B12 for a healthy plant diet.

...& Packed with good stuff

  • Nutrients

    Oats are naturally rich in essential vitamins & minerals including magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, potassium, vitamin B1, vitamin B6... the list goes on. We also added calcium and vitamin B12 to ensure you aren't losing out!

  • Dietary Fibre

    Beta glucan is a prebiotic fibre naturally found in oats. If that wasn't enough, chicory root provides a second dose in the form of inulin. Prebiotic fibres contribute to a healthy digestive system and have been shown to aid metabolic health.

  • Antioxidants

    Oats naturally contain antioxidants including phytic acid, phenolic compounds, avenanthramides and vitamin E. Sounds complicated, but antioxidants have been shown to regulate blood flow and provide anti-inflammatory support.

The slickest merch in the biz...

  • Overherd starter bundle
    Overherd | Starter Set

    Overherd | Starter Set

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    Overherd Bottle

    Overherd Bottle

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  • Overherd tote bag front view
    Overherd Tote

    Overherd Tote

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  • Oat milk cap front
    Oat Milk Cap

    Oat Milk Cap

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