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You must have so many questions about the miracle of Overherd. Well, below you'll find some answers.

You can use it for anything you usually use dairy / plant milk for. We are talking smoothies, baking, porridge, overnight oats, hot drinks, cereal, cooking, protein shakes etc etc.

Oh and yes, it can be added to hot drinks directly as a creamer.

It depends how creamy you like it! Generally, we recommend adding 10g of oat milk powder for every 100ml of water. However, when you need that extra creaminess, we recommend using 20g for every 100ml of water (we do this for coffee and cereal).

We thought you would never ask… shoot us an email (team@overherd.uk), fill in the contact form, or drop us a DM on Instagram (@overherd.uk).

YEPPP… Overherd is made from 100% gluten free oats. The kind farmers grow them in separated fields so you can be sure!

A good shake by hand usually does the job and creates a nice smooth milk. But if you are wanting that professional silky smooth, go wild on the blender!

No sweeteners here I’m afraid. The natural sweetness comes from the mighty oat. Now you can see why we love them so much.

We opted for recyclable plastic pouches. They are lightweight and are printed using carbon neutral digital methods. After much consideration, we believe this to be the most sustainable option currently available – feel free to check out why we think so here. But we are always open to new ideas, so chuck us a message if you disagree.

Please check your pouch for it's specific best before date. However, generally the pouch can be stored unopened for 6-12 months in a dry / cool place. Once opened, it's best consumed within 4-5 months. Make sure to always seal the pouch when not in use!

Each pouch contains 800g of powder, enough to make 8 litres of milk! Easy.

Good question! Almost all of the saturated fat content comes from coconut MCT fats, which is short for medium chain triglycerides (that was a mouth full). Although MCT fats are classed as saturated, they are widely considered healthy fats. They have been shown to promote weight loss, provide energy throughout the day, and improve heart health. But of course do your own research to be sure..!

Nooope! the flavour you taste is the natural oaty deliciousness. No flavourings here.

Our oats are currently grown in Europe, but we are working on sourcing British oats in the future.

First, log in to your account. If you don't have an account, you can create one super quick (you'll just need an email & a password - make sure to use the same email you used for your order).

Once logged in, simply click the cute little button which says says "manage subscription", and you'll be able to make any changes your heart desires!

Overherd is not a barista oat milk, so won't froth quite as well as barista milks. However it does steam well if you have a steamer, and can produce a good level of froth for delish hot drinks.

Please check your local council recycles LDPE, some councils offer kerbside recycling, if this is the case, you can simply place in your collection bin with other recyclable plastics.

If your council doesn't recycle LDPE, then you can take empty pouches to collection points which can be found at most supermarkets. The Recycle Now website can help you find a collection point, simply insert your postcode to find your nearest. 

More info about our pouch recycling can be found here.

YEEES! You bet it can. Dissolves better than blackcurrant squash and water on a hot summer day. Well... not quite, but it does dissolve pretty easily.

Yes! It can be stirred straight into hot drinks. It mixes better than gin and tonic on a summer day. Well... not quite... but you get the message.

Yessss. We couldn't let you miss out on all that calcium could we! We have fortified the milk powder with calcium and vitamin B12.

If you are unable to log in or you get a message which says your email isn't recognised, please try and create a new account using the email attached to your order. If you are still having difficulties please drop us an email at team@overherd.uk and we'll take a look!

Yes! It's super easy to skip a delivery, pause your subscription etc. Simply log in to your account (or create an account if you haven't already). Then click manage subscription and you'll be given a range of options to play around with. If you are having any difficulties drop us an email at tea@overherd.uk and we'll gladly take a look!