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  • 2 vegan campers sitting on a deck chair

    5 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes for Camping

    Vegan camping breakfasts are the epitome of breakfast freedom! Who needs a stuffy kitchen when you can whip up morning magic in the great outdoors? It's like a breakfast adventure, with a side of fresh air and a sprinkle of...

  • Jug of oat milk next to bowl of oats

    How Dehydrated Oat Milk Powder Can Help You Save Money

    When you’re watching your budget, every purchase can feel like a brain-hurting decision to find the best bargain and save yourself some money. Especially with the cost-of-living crisis it can hurt to see a half-full carton of milk get thrown...

  • Tried-and-Tested Budget Veganism for Students

    Tried-and-Tested Budget Veganism for Students

    Contributed by: Hannah Barrett With the cost-of-living crisis stretching our money to its limit, it can be difficult to keep up with the purchase of fresh food and plant milk. The average shelf-life of plant-based milk is only 7-10 days,...

  • Dried plant milk in 3 jars

    Why dried plant milk is more sustainable than cartons

    Plant milk is an awful lot better than dairy You probably already knew that plant milk is already way more sustainable than dairy. As a society we are certainly heading in the right direction. But hold up! There’s one better...

  • Oat milk without oil represented by a two jars of oil

    Oat Milk Without Oil

    Why does oat milk contain oil? Almost all brands of oat milk sold in the UK contain seed oils and these are primarily added to give oat milk a creamy, rich texture. Seed oils are also added to oat milk...

  • DIY oat milk represented by a spoonful of oat grains

    DIY Oat Milk Recipe

    Why make oat milk at home? No additives – big brand oat milks nearly always contain additives of some sort. These can include unhealthy highly refined oils, thickening agents etc. With DIY oat milk, you are in control! Environment – DIY...