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Insanely Easy Instant Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

About the recipe? 🌱

No matter what date it is, Christmas is technically approaching… and you know what that means. HOT CHOCOLATE. But this time we’ve got all those vegans & dairy free heroes covered 😇

This is the perfect on-hand mix to ensure you are always only a few seconds from delicious hot choccy. Once made you'll just need to add hot water, stir and voila!🍫

instant vegan hot chocolate in jar


Servings: 20 servings
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook time: 2 mins


  • 🫘 80g Cocoa Powder - for that deep chocolate flavour.
  • 🥛 125g Overherd Oat Milk Powder - for that wonderful dairy free creaminess.
  • 🍫 40g Grated Dark Chocolate - more chocolate, because why not?
  • 🥥 45g Coconut Sugar (or caster sugar) - for a bit of sweetness.


  1. Gather all your ingredients in a mixing bowl and let the cocoa conga begin! Stir, swirl, and shimmy until every element dances in harmony.
  2. That's literally it for the mix! Transfer this cocoa concoction into a jar worthy of its chocolatey magnificence.
  3. When the moment is ripe to whip up your hot chocolate, grab 3-4 tablespoons of the powder and add it to 150ml of boiling hot water. Now, here's where the magic happens – stir or froth if you like it airy. Voilà, you're indulging in a cup of liquid bliss!

About Overherd?

Did you know what store bought oat milk is 90% water? Crazy, right? We decided to concentrate on the... concentrate. You add the water at home instead. But why? Well, without all that water, we can use 90% less packaging & has a naturally looooong shelf life so you can say BYE to off milk! 👋

Plus it's delicious, won't take up space in your fridge and is conveniently delivered to your door. Learn more here.

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