Gluten Free Oat Milk Brands UK

Is oat milk typically gluten free?

Oats do not naturally contain gluten, HOWEVER, they are commonly grown and processed alongside gluten containing cereals and as such cannot always be classified as gluten free. If the oats used to make an oat milk have not been processed in isolation, then the oat milk will contain gluten. The list below explores which UK brands of oat milk are gluten free and which are not. You may be surprised how few are gluten free! Check out our complete guide on gluten in oat milk, or skip ahead in this article to see which brands are gluten free.

Gluten free vs. low gluten

An oat milk is deemed "gluten free" if it contains less than 20PPM (parts per million) of gluten. An oat milk is deemed "low gluten" if it contains between 20 and 100 PPM of gluten. Those wanting to minimise gluten should opt for certified gluten free oat milks.

Gluten free oat milk in bottle

Gluten free brands of oat milk


Plenish offers one variety of oat milk, and this is certified as gluten free.


Although most Alpro oat milk contains gluten, they do offer one variety which is gluten free called "Alpro Gluten Free Barista", however this isn't stocked widely in supermarkets.


Shameless plug... we offer a certified gluten free oat milk powder. Great for those who want delicious gluten free oat milk on the go. Oh and did we mention it's also more sustainable than regular oat milk as it uses less packaging, and reduces food waste.

Rude Health

Rude Health offers one variety of oat milk, and this is certified as gluten free.

Califia Farms

Califia Farm is a popular American based brand of barista oat milk, and is certified as gluten free.


Oat milk brands which are NOT gluten free


The UK's favourite oat milk brand is low gluten, but NOT gluten free, and this applies for all varieties (whole, semi, skinny & barista). 


MOMA currently offers two varieties of oat milk, original & barista. Neither of these are gluten free.


Alpro is one of the largest plant milk brands in the UK. It offers multiples variations of oat milk, which are mostly NOT gluten free. These varieties include Alpro Oat, Alpro Oat No Sugars, Alpro Barista. 

Minor Figures

Minor Figures is NOT gluten free. The popular barista oat milk brand is low gluten, but not certified gluten free, this applies to all varieties (barista organic, barista original, barista light).


Jord is an oat milk brand owned by Arla. It currently only offers one oat milk variant, and this is NOT gluten free.


Mighty specialises in pea milks, but does offer two oat based drinks (oat protein drink and oat barista). Neither of these are gluten free as it stands.

Wicked Kitchen

Wicked Kitchen offers a barista oat milk which is mostly sold in Tesco stores. It is NOT gluten free.


Innocent's oat milk is surprisingly NOT gluten free.


*Please don't rely on this information exclusively when selecting a gluten free oat milk as ingredients and formulas may change. Always check the packaging before consuming.

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