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UK Oat Milk Brands Ranked By Sugar Content

Is sugar content everything? 

No! Sugar is just one element of the nutritional profile and isn’t the be all and end all.

Other macronutrients like protein, fibre and fat play an equally important role in your health.

What about "zero-sugar" oat milk?

Be aware that oat milk marketed as “zero sugar” still contains carbohydrates like starch, which are broken down into sugar by the body. 

Does oat milk spike blood sugar?

Check out our dedicated article on oat milk and its impact on blood sugar to learn more. 

Oat milk brands ranked by sugar content

Which oat milk brands are "sugar free"?

There are only two oat milk varieties offering “zero sugar”.

  1. Oatly no sugar oat milk contains 0g per 100ml.
  2. Alpro oat no sugar contains 0g per 100ml.

Which oat milk brands contain the least sugar? 

For regular oat milk, we've compiled a list ranking sugar content per 100ml from lowest to highest. 

  1. Overherd oat milk contains 1.4g per 100ml.
  2. Alpro oat milk contains 2.5g per 100ml.
  3. Asda oat milk contains 2.7g per 100ml.
  4. Califia Farms oat milk contains 2.8g per 100ml.
  5. Alpro barista oat milk contains 3.3g per 100ml.
  6. Jord oat milk contains 3.3g per 100ml.
  7. Oatly regular oat milk contains 3.4g per 100ml.
  8. Oatly whole oat milk contains 3.4g per 100ml.
  9. Oatly barista oat milk contains 3.4g per 100ml.
  10. Oatly light oat milk contains 3.4g per 100ml.
  11. Moma oat milk contains 3.4g per 100ml.
  12. Minor Figures oat milk contains 3.1g per 100ml.
  13. Sainsbury’s oat milk contains 3.8g per 100ml.
  14. Plenish oat milk contains 3.8g per 100ml.
  15. Tesco oat milk contains 4.2g per 100ml.
  16. Rude Health oat milk contains 4.6g per 100ml.

*The sugar in oat milk is derived from oats (not added sugar).  

How to find the sugar content of oat milk? 

Aside from using the list above, simply check the nutritional label (rear of packaging).

Look for “of which sugars” and you’ll see the sugar content per 100ml of oat milk.

As this figure is per 100ml, you’ll need to adjust the value based on your serving size.

E.g. if you have 200ml on your cereal, simply multiply this number by 2. 

Is sugar good or bad?

Pros of sugar

✅ Sugar gives oat milk a sweeter taste, the more sugar the sweeter the taste. 

✅ Sugar is a quick release energy source.

Cons of sugar

❌ The drawback of quick release energy is a sugar crash.

❌ Too much sugar can cause unwanted weight gain from calories

❌ Too much sugar can cause teeth decay.

It’s all about moderation and luckily the sugar content of oat milk is relatively low.

For comparison, fizzy drinks contain 3x the sugar, without any of the nutritional benefits. 

How can you minimise the negatives of sugar?

The presence of dietary fibre and fats in oat milk help slow the absorption of sugar into your body.

Slower absorption is beneficial as it prevents sugar crashes and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

We’ve created a separate article on fibre in oat milk and ranked brands by fibre content. 

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