Dairy free milk powder vs. different milks climate impact
Dairy free milk powder vs. different milks climate impact

Plant milk is pretty sustainable, but you can do better...

Don't get us wrong, plant milk is already a whole lot more sustainable than dairy, and oat is amongst the best. In fact for each litre of dairy free oat milk you chug, it saves 580 litres of water & 2.3kg of CO₂ Now that really adds up over a lifetime.


  • Our research

    We searched far and wide for sustainable options, concluding that while biodegradeable packaging looks great on the surface, the reality is that it can actually cause more damage to the planet if not properly disposed of (requires a compost heap).

  • Our decision

    We opted for a super lightweight 100% recyclable pouch which takes the place of 8 regular cartons. This represents a 91% reduction in packaging weight. The pouch has been verified by Recycle Now, please see our information about how to recycle your pouch.

  • The future

    Of course, we are always looking at ways we can be more sustainable and this includes packaging. In the future we hope to offer the choice of compostable pouches, so that those with access to a compost heap can dispose of the packaging this way.

Causing a stir...

We want to cause a bit of a stir, and make other brands evaluate how products reach consumers. Dehydration is just one example. If there's something you think we could improve or make more sustainable, please let us know!