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Why dried plant milk is more sustainable than cartons

Plant milk is an awful lot better than dairy

You probably already knew that plant milk is already way more sustainable than dairy.

As a society we are certainly heading in the right direction. But hold up!

There’s one better you can do for the planet. Enter dried plant milk! 

The Problem: Plant milk is mostly water

Did you know that plant milk is mostly water? In fact it often contains up to 98% water, we're looking at you almond milk!

While this isn’t an issue in itself, water ain't exactly light, so all this water makes plant milk unnecessarily bulky and heavy.

This means that plant milk producers are forced to use lots of packaging, which often doesn’t get recycled.

In addition, all that heavy diluted plant milk, has to be transported around producing excessive carbon emissions.

Dried plant milk is the answer

Dried plant milk is a new concept, and is essentially a concentrated version of regular store-bought plant milk but without the water.

Instead of the producer adding water, and then shipping the plant milk to supermarket shelves, you add the water at home instead.

Dried plant milk is more sustainable because...

1️⃣ Less packaging

Sacking the water means lighter and smaller packages. For example, oat milk powder pouches contain 91% less packaging vs. regular plant milk cartons.

Dried plant milk can also be packaged in a single material whereas cartons are multi-layered and difficult to recycle.

Shockingly only 29.5% of cartons actually end up being recycled in the UK. 

The packaging content of dried plant milk vs. regular cartons

2️⃣ Transport emissions

Because dried plant milk isn't filled with water, it's 10x lighter and smaller, which means far fewer lorries needed to move it from A to B.

This results in fewer transport emissions throughout the supply chain.

Transport emissions of dried plant milk vs. carton plant milk

3️⃣ Food waste

Did you know 1 in 6 pints of milk are thrown away in the UK? This is really wasteful and damaging to the planet.

Have you ever had to throw away a half full carton of milk because it has gone off? Who hasn't!

Thankfully dried plant milk has a naturally long shelf life (like other powdered products).

You also only make what you need, so it's virtually zero waste!

Food waste impact of dried plant milk vs. carton plant milk

Where can you buy powdered non dairy milk?

We are the UK’s first oat milk powder brand, using organic and gluten free oats - check it out here.

Simply add water, shake and enjoy, simple as that. Learn more about our sustainability here.

If you prefer other plant milk varieties like soy etc, also check out our article which lists other powdered vegan milk brands on the UK market.

We hope that more brands both within and outside the food industry take time to re-evaluate how products reach consumers in order to to minimise our impact on the planet.

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